Alkazone Antioxidant 9.5 pH Alkaline Bottled Water, 16.9 oz, (Pack of 24)

Alkazone Antioxidant Alkaline Mineral Water is ultra-purified & electrolytes-enhanced water that supports to prevent & repair damage done by free radicals (ROS). The main ingredient of our bottled water are Potassium & Selenium, and our water is formulated with 100% natural alkaline minerals for electrolytes. The pH level of Alkazone water is 9.5+ and there is no synthetic additives (Sodium Free, Sugar Free, no added colors, no calorie and no carbs). Also our water is certified by KOSHER as everyday drinks and it is important to drink antioxidant water for maintaining healthy pH level through supporting to regulate healthy blood pressure and sugars.

Product Features

  • ⭐️NOT ONLY ALKALINE BUT ALSO ANTIOXIDANT⭐️ Alkazone water is formulated with essential mineral called Potassium & Selenium. Antioxidant alkaline mineral is the key for healthy drinks include helping the skeletal system develop properly and protecting cell membranes.
  • ⭐️POWERFUL ELECTROLYTES WITH ENHANCED POTASSIUM (K)⭐️ Potassium is one of antioxidant alkaline minerals for healthy muscle and nerve function; It is the main force for transmission of nerve stimulus, muscle contraction and most function of your heart.
  • ⭐️BALANCE YOUR LEVEL OF PH⭐️ The 9.5 pH level of Alkazone water is not only balanced from being acidic, but also helps restore the body system and adds support for the immune system.
  • ⭐️PERFECT DIETARY SUPPLEMENT WITH ANTIOXIDANT WATER⭐️ Antioxidant alkaline diet support a healthy weight loss by reducing acidic waste in our body; Alkazone water is made with 100% natural antioxidant alkaline minerals and it goes perfectly with your alkaline or detox diet.
  • ⭐️NO SYNTHETIC ADDITIVES⭐️ Sodium Free, Sugar Free, BPA Free, No added colors, No calories and No carbs.

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