Alkazone AlkaZone Alkaline pH Booster Drops 1.25 oz (Pack of 2, 2.5 oz Total)

Alkazone Alkaline pH Booster 2.5 Oz.Alkaline Booster with Antioxidant now ! Drink your minerals! The easiest way to alkalize your diet! Feel the benefits for yourself. Alkaline water provides the minerals the body needs to buffer excess acidity from the metabolism of food.You will feel the difference. Tea and coffee tastes better too!AlkaZone Alkaline Booster supplies valuable minerals in the form of a colorless, odorless, and tasteless drop that can be added to water. By adding just 3-4 drops to a glass of water, you can increase the pH to about 8-10. The minerals can buffer acidity from metabolism in the body. AlkaZone Alkaline Booster is made from organic potassium substances such as potassium bicarbonate, potassium lactate, potassium citrate and 79 trace minerals from marine deposits that have been amino acid (L-Carnitine) chelated for better absorption. It has no sodium! The small 1.25 Oz bottle makes it ideal for travel.More and more nutritional literature is counseling us about the benefits of alkaline balance. Some nutritionists have even come to the conclusion that one of the causes of bone loss may be lack of sufficient mineral buffering from food, whichwould cause the body to borrow calcium from the bones. Getting plentiful minerals from the water you drink is one of the easiest ways to get those minerals into your system, and maintain healthy bones!

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3 thoughts on “Alkazone AlkaZone Alkaline pH Booster Drops 1.25 oz (Pack of 2, 2.5 oz Total)

  1. Good product, but VERY expensive. Short review: Yes, this stuff works, though you may need more or less than the recommended amount, based on the particulars of your water. It should be cheaper.Long review: I came to the Alkazone Alkaline Booster Drops upon realizing that our well water was much more acidic than I had thought, and that it, together with an acidic diet, seems to have contributed to eczema on my feet and legs. I have been suffering from eczema for the past 4-5 years, and, while it is clearly…

  2. Less for more??!!! I have purchased Alkazone several times but, since I started buying it, they have diluted the product at least twice now! When we first purchased Alkazone, the directions told us to apply 3 drops for every 8oz. of liquid, then they diluted it to 4 drops for every 8 oz. and sadly, they finally diluted it to 6 drops for every 8 oz. of liquid. All the while, charging the exact same price for what amounts to half as much of the product! Greed on the part of Alkazone has finally lost them a…

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