Alkaline88 Water, 101.442 oz., 4 Piece

The alkaline 88 bottled water, 3-liter bottle provides all of the health benefits you need in a convenient, refrigerator friendly size. Alkaline 88 water provides the 8.8-Ph balanced hydration your body craves for all-out performance. Unlike other bottled alkaline water, alkaline 88 takes nature’s purest water and infuses it with Himalayan pink salt so each smooth tasting, refreshing sip restores and replenishes the electrolytes, essential minerals, and trace elements essential for keeping up with your max effort life. Alkaline 88 brings together the very best of nature, science, and technology to balance your body and enhance your healthful lifestyle with the world’s phi nest hydration products.

Product Features

  • Infused with electrolytes, minerals, and trace elements
  • Uniquely crafted to include calcium, magnesium, potassium, copper and iron
  • Clear, high density, BPA free, pet material bottles
  • Convenient storage size, 101-ounces

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2 thoughts on “Alkaline88 Water, 101.442 oz., 4 Piece

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