Alkaline88 Purified Water, Enhanced with Electrolytes and Minerals, 700 ML Bottle (Pack of 24, Total of 568 Fl Oz)

Alkaline88 Purified Water was designed to be a key ingredient to add to your healthy lifestyle. This premier water is infused with electrolytes, minerals and trace elements and is uniquely crafted, providing you with health benefits as clear as the water itself. The Alkaline Water Company Inc.s advanced proprietary electrolysis process also enhances its product with Himalayan salt, producing a high alkalinity water of 8.8+pH that cannot be duplicated. Stay fit and give your body the hydration it craves with each refreshing, smooth-tasting sip.

Product Features

  • Healthful Hydration
  • Water and Himalayan Rock Salt
  • Clear PET, BPA-Free Recyclable Plastic Bottle
  • Great As Your Primary Daily Beverage
  • Well-Made And Well-Packaged For Whenever You Need It

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