Alkaline Water Swooper Windless Flag Kit (full sleeve flag)

We carry two types of flags; Swooper Flutter and Swooper Windless (require different flagpole types). Our Swooper Flutter flags have a partial sleeve. The top 12 inches of the flag are free to flutter in the wind creating movement to attract attention. Our Swooper Windless flags have a full sleeve. The full sleeve allows the flag to remain open, constantly displaying the message. Flags are made of a heavy duty knitted polyester material and are printed with 75% to 90% bleed through on the reverse side; this means the reverse side has a mirrored image.

Product Features

  • 2.5 or 3 ft wide x 11.5 ft tall
  • flags made from durable knitted polyester
  • one sided printed with mirror image on back
  • many designs available for all industries
  • comes with everything you need to display your flag

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