Alkaline Water Pitcher – Best for Instantly Filtered, Clean Water – 3.5 Liter Purifier and Alkalinity Filter, Green

Still don’t believe this is the best solution for alkaline water filtering? Check out this incredible story from a happy customer.

“My husband calls me a water snob, and I have to admit it’s true. I only drink purified water (I have for most of my life) and alkaline if possible. It started after I drank a glass of the treated alkaline water from a friend who already had a pitcher and I came to realize just how much chlorinated taste there was to tap water here. I’ve never gone back. Friends that have enjoyed a nice glass of water at my place surely taste the difference and ask WOW what brand is this water. I guess it’s my own special brand.”

Another buyer says, “I’m not able to lug jugs of water back and forth so decided to try this at home alkaline filter and it’s been PERFECT!”

That’s not to mention all the other amazing benefits.

“Very durable product, have been using a bit over 6 months virtually every day.”

“I pour the filtered water into my soda stream bottles and make my seltzer”

“It takes up less space side to side than my Brita”

“Alkalizes the water for a fraction of the cost of the “container” models”

Ready to give it a try? We thought so. We know you’ll love this pitcher so much you won’t be able to have just one. So, we’ve made it easy to get more.

Simply enter the coupon code, “WATER443”, and get a free alkaline system when you order 3 or more! Don’t wait, order today.

Product Features

  • SUPER CHARGE YOUR WATER – Our alkaline water filtration system produces the freshest, cleanest, purest alkaline water drinking experience every single time. Your water will taste so refreshing while gaining healthy minerals and removing harmful contaminants. Once you add water to our pitcher, you’ll be drinking the best tasting alkaline water in seconds. Welcome to water that is as soft and smooth as it is pure and clean.
  • SUPER SIZE YOUR WATER – You get a full 3.5 liters of purified, alkaline water every time you fill up. Our system provides enough water for a small family without having to change the filter too often. Tired of lugging jugs of water back and forth from the store? Our alkaline filter is the perfect solution. With it’s large capacity and small footprint, your alkaline filtration system fits easily in your fridge or neatly by your sink. No unwanted bulk, hoses, or unsightly counter-top boxes here.
  • SUPER SAVE ON WATER – Our price point is only a fraction for the cost of a dedicated system while still producing the consistent results you and your family need. You’ll want to use your versatile alkaline pitcher for everything from cooking, to making coffee, to just enjoying a nice cold glass of fresh water. Having your own pitcher is also more economical than buying bottled or store-bought alkaline water, saving you and your family money and keeping you healthy.
  • SUPER SIMPLE YOUR WATER – Easy to use, easy to wash, easy to setup and install, easy to change filters. It’s clear. Our product is the easiest solution to consistent, great tasting alkaline water. It’s convenient and affordable, eliminating the need for heavy jugs and expensive systems. What could be simpler? This is the last alkaline water solution you’ll ever need to buy.
  • GET A SUPER DEAL – We know once you try the purest, best-tasting, crisp water of your life, you’ll need it everywhere you go. So, we’re making it easy for you to get as many pitchers as you like. Whether you want to share it with your friends, give it as a gift, or just put one in every room of your house, we’re offering you an exclusive discount code. Simply click the, “Add To Cart”, button to the right and enter promo code, “WATER443” and get a free pitcher when you purchase 3 or more.

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3 thoughts on “Alkaline Water Pitcher – Best for Instantly Filtered, Clean Water – 3.5 Liter Purifier and Alkalinity Filter, Green

  1. This alkaline water pitcher exceeded my expectations I’m not one to write a lot of online reviews, but when a purchase exceeds my expectations I take a few minutes to recommend the product, so I thought I would write a quick review on this pitcher that I bought 3 months ago.I was tired of carrying cases of water from my local department store so I finally listened to the wife and began an online search for a reliable alkaline water pitcher. I tried a few different options and finally settled for this one, for the following…

  2. Water tastes very fresh It’s a great water pitcher that provides enough water for a small family, without having to change the filter too often.I got this because bottled was getting too expensive, and we were wasting a lot of plastic.I love to water filter that it has, it keeps the tap water nice and fresh, everyone in the house loves it.The pitcher isn’t huge but for our needs its more than enough.I love the little display that keeps track of the days the current filter has been installed,…

  3. PURE AND CLEAN REFRESHING WATER I absolutely love the pure and clean refreshing water that is produced by this alkaline water filtration system because the great tasting alkaline water only contains healthy minerals with all other contaminants removed. No more struggling with cases of bottled water when I go shopping. This 3.5 liter alkaline water pitcher has an ergonomic handle that was designed for an easy pouring experience, and this water pitcher is really simple to set up and install, use, clean and change the filter…

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