Alkaline Water Pitcher – 3.5 Liters,7 Stage Filteration, Free Filter Included, (Blue)

Alkaline Water Pitcher allows for 3.5L of crisp, ionized water refreshing, alkaline . It is the ultimate Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher. STOP WASTING WATER BOTTLES and start adding Alkaline Benefits to your drinking water. This pitcher will deliver FRESH, INSTANTLY FILTERED ALKALINE WATER utilizing our 7 Stage Premium Cartridge consisting of ION EXCHANGE RESIN, TOURMALINE, MINERAL BALLS, & CARBON. The cartridge REMOVES chlorine, odors, heavy metals and 90% of all zinc, copper, lead and pollutants to create an amazingly delicious alkaline beverage. REMOVES FREE RADICAL and ELIMINATES TOXINS with powerful ANTIOXIDANTS, and HIGH NEGATIVE ORP (Oxidation-Reduction Potential is a measurement to oxidize contaminants)

Product Features

  • ALKALINE WATER PITCHER – contains minimal free radicals and toxins, is a powerful antioxidant and enhances your energy levels and immune system. Not only does it have great health benefits,Alkaline water has a fresh and delicious natural taste!
  • 7 STAGE FILTER CARTRIDGE: This great Alkaline water pitcher produces clean alkaline water by filtering it through a 7-stage filter made of ion exchange resin, tourmaline, mineral balls and activated carbon.
  • FILTER LIFE 300 Liters Comes With 1 Filter
  • Smart” digital indicator will remind you when to replace the cartridge
  • COMPACT & ERGONOMIC DESIGN: The alkaline water jug is designed to be compact and take minimal space. It easily fits in your refrigerator and holds a whopping 3.5L of water. It also features a comfortable handle that makes using it a breeze! 1 YEAR manufacturer’s warranty

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3 thoughts on “Alkaline Water Pitcher – 3.5 Liters,7 Stage Filteration, Free Filter Included, (Blue)

  1. So i bought one of those digital ph testers and tested a few water sources and this water came out to be ph 9+ which makes me ve

  2. Dont bother or waste your money So this only changed the pH to 8.5 on its best day, only to 8 the majority of the time. The thing on top that us supposed to tell you when to changed the filter doest work.The worst thing is, there are no replacement filters. There are other filters that MIGHT fit it, but the sellers won’t say if they do and won’t say they’ll allow you to return them if they don’t and they cost a small fortune.This is only good for me now to have unfiltered water, so basically to use for watering…

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