Alkaline Water Drops With Natural Antioxidant 2oz, Water Purifier Filter Filtration, Supports Detox Cleanse, Weight Loss & Immune System Promotes A Healthy Alkaline Diet, pH Balance For Drinking Water

Are You Getting What You Need From Your Water⁉️

Only your pH levels know for sure

One of the simplest ways to promote good health is to be properly hydrated & by getting your eight glasses a day is a start. However, if your water is too acidic, you may still not be getting the hydration your body needs. Using pH Alkaline water drops can be a great solution to ensuring your body gets the healthy benefits of alkaline drinking water, including:

✅Better hydration than plain water that helps supply the body with essential minerals

✅Aiding detoxification & helping your body to rid itself of toxins

✅Promoting good bone health

✅Supports weight loss regimens

✅Promote heart health

✅Helps neutralize acidity

✅Promotes healthy immune system

✅Hydrates your skin

⭐️Healthywiser PH ALKALINE WATER DROPS + NATURAL ANTIOXIDANTS⭐️safely boosts your alkaline levels Our pH booster drops are an affordable way for you to easily alkalize your water for optimal pH levels. Our 100% natural formula is made with high alkaline antioxidants and fruit extracts, including Potassium, Calcium, Selenium, Magnesium, Zinc, Green tea extract, Vitamin B2, Vitamin C, Niacin, Folic Acid, & Pomegranate Extract.

Just add 6 drops to 8 ounces of water, stir and drink, four times a day. The drops come in a convenient bottle that tucks easily into your pocket, bag, or backpack. Meaning you can have healthy water anywhere you go.

Important information Store in a cool, dry place. Keep away from moisture and out of direct sunlight.

��Lifetime Guarantee�� If you’re not 100% not satisfied with our pH Alkaline Water Drops + Natural Antioxidants, just let us know for a full refund.

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Product Features

  • ⭐️CONVENIENT, AFFORDABLE, AND EASY TO USE⭐️ Just add pH booster drops to alkalize your normal drinking water and to safely boost your pH levels; No need to buy expensive bottled alkaline water when you can get the same effect using alkaline drops
  • ⭐️RAISES YOUR WATER’S PH TO OPTIMAL LEVELS⭐️ Just add 6 drops to 8oz of water four times per day and feel the difference; Offset acidity by adding drops to your coffee or tea or your favorite beverage; Stir before drinking
  • ⭐️GREAT FOR PHYSICALLY ACTIVE PEOPL⭐️ pH water helps replace electrolytes and trace minerals lost during exercise or heavy physical activity; Bottled water purifier drops are easy to tuck into your pocket, backpack, or gym bag so you’ll always have access to great tasting alkaline water
  • ⭐️HELPS NEUTRALIZE ACIDITY⭐️ Coffee, tea, soda and diet can increase the acidity in your system and cause discomfort. Drinking alkalized water boosts your pH levels and helps reduce acidity in your system
  • ⭐️PERFECT FOR ALKALINE AND DETOX DIETS⭐️ These pH booster drops are infused with 100% natural antioxidants and alkalizing fruit extracts that go perfectly with your alkaline or detox diet; Flavorless formula doesn’t interfere with the taste of your beverage or food so they can be virtually used in everything

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2 thoughts on “Alkaline Water Drops With Natural Antioxidant 2oz, Water Purifier Filter Filtration, Supports Detox Cleanse, Weight Loss & Immune System Promotes A Healthy Alkaline Diet, pH Balance For Drinking Water

  1. Experimented To See If This Works Or Not I did a little experiment with this and found that it does work pretty well but not as well as I would have hoped but maybe that is because my water is a little be more acidic in San Francisco. The PH for my water is normally around 5-5.5 when I tested it out using PH strips. I used two 8 oz glasses of water and added the 6 drops of the Alkaline water drops to see how much it would raise the PH. It did make it more basic but only by about 1 or so and so it raised it up to about 5.75-6, which…

  2. AMAZING Product I use this to make my drinking water alkaline. I travel a lot and always have access to bottled water. But the majority of the water bottles are all acidic. So I add six drops to each bottle and that takes care of the problem. I carry the pH booster drops around in my pocket and use it in my tea, coffee, and water. It helps supply the body with essential minerals, antioxidants and hydrates my skin. I don’t notice any flavor change to the water, but it makes the water feel smoother in the…

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