Alkaline Water Book: Why You Need It and How To Get It

The book on Alkaline Water is an eye opening journey that opens the door on the truth about the water we drink from our faucets, to the documented facts about the bottled water industry. Join the writer on this quest of discovery to find out how you too can obtain the tools necessary to ensure that the water you drink is all that it was intended it to be. Documented sources such as the FDA and the Safe Drinking Water Act provide little known facts that we should all be aware of when it comes to the water we drink. Did you know that drinking Alkaline Water can eliminate hangovers and bring your body back (quickly) to its normal pH balance? You will learn what Reverse Osmosis (used in many water stores) is and how the process strips all nutritional value from any water exposed to this process (Good for steam irons but not our bodies). The introduction of ionizer water machines started several years ago in Japan and Korea. The machines produce alkaline/ionized water using a system of electrolysis and carbon filters to create water so delicious and nutritious for your body that once experienced you will never want to spend another dime on bottled water. Join the informed people around the globe that are taking the responsibility for their own good health into their own hands. Invest in your health buy an ionizer water machine. Contact the writer for special discount pricing on the ionizer of your choice.

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