Alkaline Water 3 Liter (4 Pack) by Unknown

3 Liter bottle for optimum body balance. State of the art electrolysis process. Purified water & 84 Trace minerals from Himalayan Salts.

Product Features

  • 8.8 pH level
  • 4 Pack 101.4 oz
  • Purified by reverse osmosis
  • .

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2 thoughts on “Alkaline Water 3 Liter (4 Pack) by Unknown

  1. Delicious Alkaline WTER! A fantastic start-up company is on the rise! As someone who’s been investing in this company for a couple of years now, I had still been waiting to actually try it. However, I was given a $40 amazon gift card for Christmas and I thought to myself, “Why not?”I ordered a 4 pack of 3-liter bottles on Dec 27th using the cheapest shipping, and they said it would arrive between 1/4 and 1/8. Instead it arrived early on 1/2 via USPS, and I’m in Ohio. They moved fast!Tastes great! Dasani used to be the only water…

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