Alkaline Trio/Hot Water Music [Split CD]

After touring together and courting similar pop-punk fans, Alkaline Trio and Hot Water Music decided to pool forces for this seven-song EP of original material and covers. Alkaline Trio’s new material is true to their current form; the emotional, tripping-over-my-broken-heart stories are about girls and boys getting kicked in the head by their relationships. Ironically, the best song they offer on this disc is “Rooftops,” a song taken from Hot Water Music’s 1999 album No Division. The song is a nice change of pace from the Trio’s usual midtempo trot through their angst-ridden world. HWM takes over for the second half of the disc, offering two original tracks and covering two of the Trio’s songs–“Radio” from Maybe I’ll Catch Fire and the aptly named “Bleeder” from Alkaline Trio. Although the differences between the two bands sound slight at first, HWM’s material feels more urgently driven by the end, mainly because of the sandpapery vocals and more forceful guitar work. Overall, this split EP doesn’t break any new ground musically, but it’s a decent item for the avid fans of either band. –Jennifer Maerz

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3 thoughts on “Alkaline Trio/Hot Water Music [Split CD]

  1. A good introduction or a good piece for collectors After listening to this cd I discovered two facts. 1.Alkaline Trio + Hot Water Music equals a superb split release. 2.Alkaline Trio + Hot Water Music equals three pairs of emo glasses…..This jade tree release features three tracks from AK3; two originals and a cover version of “Rooftops”. The two originals (Queen Of Pain, While You’re Waiting) are typical of the band. Featuring dark lyrics and catchy choruses.While the songs are very good, two small points became an…

  2. I’ll admit that I’m not a fan of Alkaline Trio. That’s not to say that I dislike them – they have some catchy songs, and I’ve seen them live. I wouldn’t trash them, they just don’t make my list of top artists. On the other hand, I’m a big fan of Hot Water Music. With this on the table, let me say that I was really pleasantly surprised by this split. Both bands put out great efforts which produce a split that’s good not just for diehard fans, but for casual listening. “Queen of…

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