Alkaline Drinks: Original Alkaline Smoothies, Juices and Teas- Rebalance your pH in 7 Days or Less (Alkaline Drinks, Alkaline Diet for Beginners)

Detoxify Your Body, Enjoy Abundant Energy and (if desired) Start Losing Weight Naturally

Alkaline Drinks – The New UPDATED & Expanded 2019 EDITION

Ready to Discover the Best Alkaline Smoothie, Juice, and Tea Recipes to Help You Look and Feel Amazing?
Sick and tired of dieting?
Looking for something simple that actually works?
Good news: Unlike other diets that are obsessed about counting calories, the Alkaline Diet focuses on restoring balance so that your body can heal itself naturally.
Few people realize that REAL HEALTH is waiting for us, hidden in alkaline veggies, fruits, and herbs.
These may be used to create amazing and energizing alkaline drinks – smoothies, juices, and herbal infusions – that are caffeine-free and rich in nutrients that our bodies so desperately need…
With Natural, Alkaline Drinks You Can Finally:
*Rejuvenate your body and mind with 100% natural alkaline smoothies, teas, and juices.
*Help your body heal itself through nutrient-rich, mineral, and vitamin abundant, toxin-free, alkaline-forming drinks
Here’s what you will discover with Alkaline Drinks:

  • The common-sense approach to the alkaline diet (no pseudoscience!)
  • How you can easily tell what is alkaline-forming in less than 5 minutes (even with no charts)
  • Alkaline Holistic hacks to help you stay empowered and motivated (even if you’re on a busy schedule)
  • Super quick shopping lists + bonus charts to help you get started right away (we have done the heavy lifting for you!)
  • How you can “alkalyze” your lifestyle to look and feel amazing in a few simple steps (whether you are vegan, paleo, gluten-free, keto or follow something else, the alkaline diet is very flexible)
  • Dozens of delicious alkaline recipes included to help you stimulate massive healing and detoxify your body right here right now
  • How to level up your nutrition with effective superfoods and healing herbs ( note: they are very accessible).

Do you bounce out of bed in the mornings, or do you continue pressing the snooze button for just a few more moments of sleep?

Are you able to get through the day without feeling fatigued?
Perhaps you suffer from fatigue, aches and pains, and stiffness, or perhaps you would like to lose weight.
You’ve been to doctors and taken medication, but for the life of you, you just can’t understand what’s making you feel worse than you should be feeling.
You have been told to get used to it.
Swallow another pill.
If that’s the case, you have the power to change it.
How would other areas of your life (work, social, family) improve if you could just have more energy and finally create that healthy body you want?
Follow the recipes and tips from Alkaline Drinks and you will be able to feel more energized in 7 days (or less).

Take positive action today and transform your body the way you deserve.
Join thousands of others who are already living an energized lifestyle and losing weight naturally. Scroll up the page and click on the buy button now.

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3 thoughts on “Alkaline Drinks: Original Alkaline Smoothies, Juices and Teas- Rebalance your pH in 7 Days or Less (Alkaline Drinks, Alkaline Diet for Beginners)

  1. A great introduction to Alkaline Drinks! This book is a great introduction to alkaline drinks! It really appeared to me at the right time! I am usually not an alcohol drinker, and I was invited by a friend to have some glasses of wine. I felt extremely intoxicated afterwards with lots of acid burn, and was desperate to eliminate all the toxins away fast! So I grabbed this book and picked a juice recipe, which I ate as a cold soup. The following hours, I felt much better, and all the acid burn was gone! I also learned many new things…

  2. KISS KISS – Keep it Simple, Stupid!Marta’s books have, for me, all been KISS books.I have been seriously reading about nutrition for a quarter of a century, and have quite a library of books regarding nutrition.When I read my first book by Marta, I did so to to learn about alkalinity. But something odd happened, I had a eureka experience.Here I have a bookcase filled by expensive treatises about nutrition, but Marta’s books really spoke to me and…

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