1 X Alkalkine Water Stick for Mineral Rich Alkaline Water, Anytime, Anywhere!

Alkalize your water and your body. The Alkaline Water Stick is small enough to fit in a purse or pocket and convenient for traveling or the office. The stick contains all natural compounds such as tourmaline stone, minerals stones, far infrared and calcium ion. The alkaline water stick is simple to use, just place it in a glass of water and let the magic happen. The stick will increase the pH of normal tap water or bottled water to a pH 8.0 plus. High pH means more alkaline Dimensions: 145 mm x 17 mm

Product Features

  • Natural Contents: Tourmaline Stone Maifanshi Stone Far-Infrared Stone Nano-Silver Powder
  • Calcium Ion Stone 13 Minerals
  • Improves: pH Levels & ORP levels
  • Includes: Tube Carrying Case & Instructions

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2 thoughts on “1 X Alkalkine Water Stick for Mineral Rich Alkaline Water, Anytime, Anywhere!

  1. it does improve alkalinity I wound up buying an alkaline tester just to verify that these sticks work. They do.My water is around 8.0 so slightly alkaline. I purify my water and then place in glass bottles with an alkaline stick.A liter of water and 1 stick – after about 2 hours in the frig the water settles in at over 10.3 alkalinity.I have purchased 2 sticks and I keep 2 bottles of water (glass recycled wine bottles) filled with a stick at all times.My cat absolutely loves water that has been…

  2. Good Idea – But Weak This is a good idea – but it didn’t work for me. I have LPR and I got this because I use alkaline water to help get me through bad flare ups. Alkaline water is pretty expensive if you need to drink 4-6 bottles a day. I found that I had to leave it for several hours before I got anywhere near the relief I get from drinking bottled alkaline water. Plus, it seemed to take longer and longer to get any sort of alkaline level after a few weeks of use. It may work better for others – but for me…

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