The Alkaline Reset Cleanse: The 7-Day Reboot for Unlimited Energy, Rapid Weight Loss, and the Prevention of Degenerative Disease

A powerful seven-day, whole-food cleanse to completely reset and reboot your body, targeting the Five Master Systems (endocrine, digestive, immune, detoxification, and pH balancing).

Balance equals life. At base, our bodies make us fighters because the body will drop everything to make balance happen. So when we put one system out of balance, we are essentially making our body fight itself.

The Alkaline Reset Cleanse is a different way of thinking about the body and how we can rapidly replenish, heal, and reboot ourselves back to optimal health. The body’s number-one goal is to maintain homeostasis and balance throughout our Five Master Systems: endocrine, immune, digestive, detoxification, and alkaline buffering (pH balancing). But through our dietary and lifestyle choices, we often put our body into a state of emergency. It is this constant state of emergency from which sickness and disease emerge.

For over 10 years, health coach Ross Bridgeford has guided thousands of people through his alkaline cleanse programs. In The Alkaline Reset Cleanse, he has distilled his program down to a straightforward and immediately manageable seven-day program, complete with shopping lists, recipes, and encouraging tips from those who have already succeeded.

We need to wipe the slate clean. We have to give the body the tools it needs to repair, replenish, rebuild, and thrive. With seven highly nourishing days filled with real, whole foods–specifically selected and planned to make it easy, enjoyable, and energizing–the Alkaline Reset Cleanse will help you to lose weight, restore your immunity, soothe digestion, and give you abundant health.

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Alkaline Water Ionizer, Up to -800mV ORP, PH 3-11 Alkaline Acid Water Machine, Home Alkaline Water Filter, 8000 Liters Per Filter,Auto-Cleaning

iRayer Alkaline Water Ionizer can make a valuable addition to your family. Ionized alkaline water creates natural antioxidants (reduced ORP levels) and supports better hydration along with other health benefits.This attractive and quality-built unit from iRayer comes equipped with everything you need for quick and easy installation to your kitchen, bathroom, or utility room faucet. Both stylish and intuitive to use, installs in just minutes with an easy to follow diagram, instructions and an owner’s manual. You will be producing clean, vitalized, antioxidant rich alkaline drinking water within minutes of set up. Having the iRayer water ionizer reduces plastic waste, no need to purchase bottled drinking water but can enjoy the delicious fresh antioxidant rich water,save the dollar.

Advanced and powerful water ionizer:

Depending on source water, produces water with a pH of between 3.0 to 11.0 alkaline.

Antioxidant potential -800 to +500 ORP.

Each inner activated carbon filter cleans and treats 8,000 liters.

One Button Self Cleaning

What is Alkaline Water?

Alkaline Water is high in antioxidants and ideal for healthy drinking water. Acidic Water though not intended for drinking, is perfectly suited for skin, hair and scalp conditioning as well as plant care.

*In addition to allowing you to adjust your water’s pH level, our water ionizers have built-in Active Carbon Water Filters designed to remove a whole host of harmful pollutants found in tap water.

Product Features

  • 7 Healthy Water Options: 4 ionized alkaline continuously variable(ph 7.5-11.0); 1 non-ionized purified (ph 7.0); 2 ionized acidic presets(ph 3.0-6.5).

  • Advanced Electroplate Technology:11pcs Titanium with Platinum coating plates, applied with Japan imported IONIC MEMBRANE, long-life, durable, energy-efficient plates.

  • Built-in Active Carbon Water Filter: Long-life,  It efficiently remove the bad taste, odors, organic matter, residual chorine and other harmful substances in the water. Perform high efficiency and long usage life of adsorption.Advanced filtration technology purifies and ionizes over 8000 liters

  • Self-Cleaning:It has the self-cleaning function, to prevent scaling.

  • Additional Features: Fully variable 3.0 to 11.0 pH; OPR Range +500 to -800mV; Super large 3.8 inch colorfulintuitive backlit LCD, 5-year warranty.

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Express Water Alkaline Ultraviolet Reverse Osmosis Filtration System – 11 Stage RO UV Mineralizing Alkaline Purifier with Faucet and Tank – Mineral, pH + – 100 GDP with Pressure Gauge & Clear Housing

Make the purest alkaline water with your own home system. Great in the kitchen: Improve the taste of your cooking, coffee, ice, and drinks. Experience true UV Reverse Osmosis purification and sterilization. Safe filtered fresh tasting H2O: Removes up to 99.99% of contaminants including Lead, Chlorine, Fluoride, Cyanide, Giardia, Radium, Asbestos, Calcite, Heavy Metal, Bacteria, Viruses, Pharmaceuticals, and other major contaminants.

Get setup fast with our Quick Connect tubing system. The UV light is equipped with a warning alarm that will alert you when the power of the UV falls below the germicidal range. Includes fast flow faucet with 0.8 GPM delivery.

Made to fit under counter in a cabinet. Best for house, apartment, residential, well water, industrial, rv, machine, and office uses. Certified by an independent laboratory to NSF standard 58. UV-C Ultraviolet light kills viruses, organisms, and bacteria in your water.

Comes with 4 gallon (3.2 gallon water capacity) storage tank and tank stand. Includes all filters needed for setup and first 6 months of use. Can be wall / cabinet mounted or freestanding, made for indoor use. Can be installed undersink, in a basement or other remote locations, you may need a delivery pump depending on how far away you plan to install or if you plan to link to a refrigerator as well. For every one gallon of water produced the system discharges one to three gallons (depending on the pressure and quality of your incoming water).

The system is compatible with 3/8″ and 1/2″ under sink connections. Includes filter housing wrench. Operates on 40-80 PSI water pressure, you may need a Booster Pump or Pressure Regulator depending on your water pressure.

Make your water cleaner and more convenient than any pitcher, faucet filter, or countertop systems. Express Water’s 11 Stage Reverse Osmosis Alkaline Ultraviolet Water Filtration System ROALKUV10MCG is the complete solution for your drinking water.

Product Features

  • Trust Your Water – Powerful UV sterilization kills coliform, E. Coli, viruses, bacteria, and more
  • Alkaline Energy – More oxygen than tap water, plus minerals and antioxidants to keep you going
  • Don’t Waste Money on Installing – Our easy quick setup design means you can install and understand
  • Help Has Arrived – Support from experts who can answer any of your questions about your home’s water
  • Simply Pure – Removes fluoride, lead, chlorine, chromium, calcium, nitrates, bacteria, viruses, more

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GOFILTR Alkaline Water Bottle Hydration Kit | 32 oz (950ml) Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle | Wide Mouth + Two Alkaline Ionized Mineral Infusers (Azure)

GoFiltr Hydration kit comes with Two GoFiltr Alkaline Infusers and One 32 oz wide mouth stainless steel vacuum insulated water bottle. No attachments, no clunky tools to carry around to change infuser – just drop it in and keep refilling. Want to use GoFiltr in another bottle – it fits all bottles with an opening of 1″ or larger. GoFiltr Alkaline water infusers turns your ordinary water into natural mineral spring ionized antioxidant alkaline water with up to 9.5 pH in few minutes. Just drop it in your bottle and keep refilling. GoFiltr Alkaline infuses water with vital minerals, magnesium, potassium and other electrolytes. It fits any reusable water bottles with 1″ (27mm) opening or wider – glass, plastic, metal, copper, stainless steel vacuum insulated bottle for those who love keeping their water cold, flask, pitcher, hydration pack, works best with 12, 16, 18, 24, 32 and 40 oz bottles in size. Can be used with pure filtered water, tap water, reverse osmosis water, sparking, and distilled water – turn your water into spring mineral alkaline water. Portable, great for travel, sport, gym, yoga or any daily life routines. Lasts up to 3 months or 750 refills – only 4 cents per refill/bottle of all-natural alkaline water. Download free mobile app available for IOS and Android to track usage and refills. All GoFiltr cartridges made in sunny California, USA. TESTING PH? Use pH Test Drops – they are fun, easy and quick! PH TEST STRIPS are not designed to test drinking water.

Product Features

  • INCLUDED: One AZURE color 32 oz Wide Mouth Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Bottle – Keeps Your Alkaline Water Cold Up To 24 Hrs | Kit arrives in ready to gift GoFiltr Black Gift Box – love yourself or share love with others.
  • INCLUDED: Two GoFiltr Alkaline Infusers – That’s 6 Months of 9.5 pH Ionized Mineral Antioxidant Alkaline Water With Electrolytes. DOWNLOAD Free GoFiltr Mobile App to track Usage & Refills
  • 6 MONTHS OF ALKALINE | EACH INFUSER – 3 MONTHS – 750 REFILLS – 4 CENTS PER REFILL | GoFiltr makes crisp and refreshing mineral alkaline water faster than your trip to a store, love your water cold and flavored? Add ice cubes or light-colored flavor (lemon, lime, and any light fruit or berry flavorings) – GoFiltr works well with both, sugar or sweetener won’t hurt it either. Each GoFiltr designed to work up to 3 months or 750 refills, that’s 750 plastic bottles you don’t have to buy or recycle.
  • 9.5 PH MINERAL IONIZED ALKALINE + ELECTROLYTES IN MINUTES | GoFiltr turns your regular water into ionized mineral 9.5 pH alkaline water in just a few minutes. Use any water – sparkling or flat, pure filtered, tap water, distilled water. | TESTING PH? Use pH Test Drops – they are fun, easy and quick. PH TEST STRIPS are not designed to test drinking water.
  • EASY TO USE | No attachments. No frustrating tools to carry around. Switch GoFiltr to any bottle any time. GoFiltr fits all reusable water bottles (glass, plastic, metal, vacuum insulated stainless steel, copper), flasks, tumblers, hydration packs, water bladders with an opening of 1″ (27mm) or larger. Works best with bottles 12 oz, 16 oz, 24 oz, 32 oz, and 40 oz in size | MADE RESPONSIBLY WITH LOVE IN CALIFORNIA | ALWAYS FRESH | FREE MOBILE APP TO TRACK USAGE & REFILLS

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New Wave Enviro Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher Plus- Removes Lead and Bacteria

The Alkaline Plus Lead Removal Filter Pitcher removes chlorine, raises pH to 8.5-9.7 and now with lead removal! New Wave Enviro alkaline water filter pitchers makes it easy and inexpensive to drink alkaline filtered water every day.

Product Features

  • FRESH ALKALINE WATER: Enjoy fresh, chlorine and lead free, filtered Alkaline water. The New Wave Enviro alkaline Plus water filter pitcher alkalizes your drinking water while removing a significant amount of common water contaminants and bacteria.
  • REMOVES LEAD: This pitcher removes both dissolved and particulate lead to well below minimum Federal and state requirements because no level of lead exposure is safe for children.
  • FILTRATION: This filter will raise your water’s pH levels to 8. 5-9. 5 by adding the perfect balance of naturally ionized magnesium, potassium, calcium and sodium. The filter cartridge can filter up to 64 gallons of water.
  • BENEFITS: The removal of contaminants will help keep your water safe and clean. You will be able to taste and feel The difference of drinking fresh alkaline water.
  • NEW WAVE ENVIRO: New Wave Enviro is a family-owned company based in sunny Colorado. Their Enviro products are designed to inspire and support healthy, active living.

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Hydrogen Alkaline Water Bottle Maker machine ionizer Tea Tumbler Bottle mug cup make Hydrogen Content to 800-1200 PPB PH of 7.5-9.0 Hydrogen Generator and Tea Filter Including Anti-scalding Non-slip

Product Features

  • 1.HYDROGEN RICH AND WEAK ALKALINE WATER: The hydrogen-enriched filter is made from ultrafine powder material was smashed by medical stone, pelelith and other thirteen kinds of minerals.After 15-30 mins works, the H+ will up to 800ppb and the PH value up to 7.2-9.5
  • 2.Easily converted between hydrogen water and tea :The hydrogen water bottle also outfit a tea infuser, you can maker hydrogen water,tea or make tea with hydrogen water, it is interesting and healthy
  • 3.Keep warm and keep freeze,anti-scald and anti-freeze,make the temperature is just for you:Double-layer high Borosilicate Glass helps with keeping the temperature of your hot tea or fruit-infused cold water. Anti-scalding, anti-freeze,heat preservation,BPA-free.
  • 4.Colorful and fashion design ,gift guild for your parents ,lover,children,colleague and so on : Kinds of colors and different style design ,hydrogen water and tea adjustable, it is suitable for different groups people with different interests .So it is beautiful, interesting and amazing as a gift
  • 5.All departments is detachable,make you very convenient to use and very easy to clean; Oh, you are a dab at DIY, you can take apart the tea infuser,or the hydrogen generator ,used it as a normal water bottle, a hydrogen water bottle or a tea bottle,it is too easy.of curse ,you can take apart all the departments to clean.

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WellBlue Alkaline Blue Water Replacement Filters

WellBlue Alkaline Blue Water Replacement Filter 3-Pack for 3.5 Liters Alkaline Ionized Water Filter Pitcher, Free shipping. The cartridge life depends on local water quality, such as water hardness, chlorine content.

Based on reduction of chlorine and organic impurities, the cartridge filters up to 300 liters. To ensure optimum performance, you should change the cartridge in time. To remind you of the next cartridge change, water filter pitcher is equipped with a smart cartridge exchange indicator.

Body material: AS

Lid and handle material: ABS

Cartridge/ Filter housing materials: PP

Inside material: Active carbon, Ion exchange resin ORP balls, Magnesium balls

Capacity of pitcher: 3.5L, filtration capacity: 2L

Smart digital indicator will remind you to replace the cartridge in time

Humanity design makes convenience usage

Easily replaceable cartridge by screwing

Fashionable design to fit inside refrigerator door

Low negation ORP = -100 to -200mV

Makes great-tasting alkaline water

BPA free

Easy fill pitcher

Electronic indicator to change cartridge

Product Features

  • Creates silky-smooth and great tasting water which is pefect for direct drinking and cooking.
  • Helps filter out chlorine and other contaminants and permanently absorbs metals such as lead and copper.
  • Offers pH 8.5 to 10.5 to help support systemic pH balance in the body. (Typically increases pH up to 2 or more points depending on your source water)
  • Reduces lime scale. Increases active hydrogen. Reduces water molecule size which create a very absorbable water. Increases the alkalinity to make your drinking water more vital
  • Provides low negative ORP: -100mv to -350mv which reduces the oxidation of your body and make you younger

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Hydrogen Alkaline Water Bottle Machine Maker Hydrogen Water Generator Ionizer with SPE and PEM Technology,US Membrane Make Hydrogen Content up to 800-1200 PPB and PH of 7.5-9.0 (green)

Product Features

  • HYDROGEN RICH AND Weak Alkaline WATER: After 4-6 mins works, the H+ will up to 1100ppb and the ph value up to 7.2-9.5
  • SAFETY AND ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY:Advanced SPE and PEM technology make all the process safety
  • DOUBLE-LAYER HIGH BORO SILLICATE GLASS ENDURES HIGH TEMPERATURES : GOSOIT Hydrogen water generator design by the double-layer glass body was fired by high temperature borosilicate glass for insulation, heat resisting ,anti-scalding , BPA free,easy to clean
  • FANTASTIC STRUCTURAL DESIGN:One-key operation,colorful working light ,make you portable and happy.
  • HYDROGEN WATER IS BENEFICIAL TO BODY: Activated hydrogen in hydrogen alkaline water can combined with radical, strong osmosis, Continuously enhance body blood circulation, activate body cell, enhance immunity, promote digestion and excretion, improve gastrointestinal system, effectively improve the metabolism,suitable everyone.

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Internal Youth pH Alkaline Water Pitcher (3.5L) Ionized and Purified Filtration for Drinking | Removes Chlorine, Heavy Metals, Fluoride | Pure, Fresh Taste | Incl. Mesh Carry Bag

Keep your drinking water pure, clean, and tasting great with a portable water pitcher from Internal Youth.

Standard tap water contains high levels of chlorine, heavy metals, and other impurities that not only impact taste, but can be harmful to your health. That’s why we created a smart, easy to way to purify your water and improve the overall quality. Introducing the [Brand] pH Alkaline Water Pitcher, a drink bottle-style ionizer that helps remove impurities and toxins while providing a cleaner, crisper taste at the same time.

Designed with a multi-stage filter, this easy-to-use water pitcher infuses your water with ions to help provide a more pH balanced taste, while also removing heavy metals, chlorine, fluoride, and more to save mineralize your water. Great for anyone focused on overall health and wellness, get one of these water pitchers today and enjoy staying hydrated with purer, healthier drinking water. We’ve even included a convenient mesh storage bag, so you can take it with you wherever you go!

Product Details:

  • Reusable Alkaline Water Pitcher
  • Helps Remove Chemicals, Heavy Metals, Impurities
  • Versatile and Refrigerator Safe
  • Magnesium and Active Carbon Filtration
  • Volume: XX oz.
  • Filters Provide Up to 70 Gallons of Use (Replaceable)
  • Includes Mesh Carry Bag
  • Guaranteed Satisfaction

Ensure your drinking water is pure, delicious, and free of chemicals and heavy metals with an advanced alkaline water pitcher from Internal Youth by clicking ‘Add to Cart’ above now.

Product Features

  • Alkaline water bottle
  • pH alkaline water
  • alkaline bottle
  • filtered water bottle
  • purified water bottle

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Essentia Water; 20-oz. Bottles; Case of 24; Ionized Alkaline Bottled Water; Electrolyte Infused for Smooth Taste; pH 9.5 or Higher; 99.9-Percent Pure, Overachieving H2O for the Doers and Believers

Essentia Water, pioneers in developing readily available, Supercharged Ionized Alkaline Water, exists to help humans everywhere achieve their full potential through more effective rehydration*. With a proprietary ionization process, water from anywhere around the world can be purified and supercharged for optimal taste. Not only does this process reduce environmental impact due to fewer transportation demands, but it wisely stewards the planet’s natural resources. Essentia Nation is invited to live life to the fullest and quench their thirst with a case of 24, BPA-free, 20 oz. water bottles emblazoned with the compelling Essentia logo that reminds users to go farther for longer with better hydration. Perfect for spring training, board meetings or the next family reunion, stock these 20-oz. bottles, available in cases of 24, for significantly more effective rehydration* for the doers, believers and the overachievers. *Based on a 2014 hydration study. More at

Product Features

  • Essentia Water exists to help overachievers go farther for longer with better rehydration*; increase potential while walking, hiking, biking, jogging, running, sprinting, surfing or skiing
  • Expect the most of bottled drinking water; Essentia Water, pioneers in ionized, alkaline bottled water, has started the movement for better hydration*; packaging may differ
  • Essentia Water is proud of the unique, proprietary ionization process that unlocks the potential of water from any source around the world, reducing carbon footprint; enjoy life and drink Essentia
  • Untap your potential. Fuel your resilience. Get up, get out, and go do it. Someone is going make waves. It might as well be you.
  • Helping humans everywhere achieve their best, a case of 24, 20-oz. bottles is ideal for the next board meeting, team training, family trip or practice; join Essentia Nation and Drink Up More of Life

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